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Sekondi-Takoradi Diocesan Christian Mothers Gather to Embrace Synodality and New Evangelization


Sekondi-Takoradi Diocesan Christian Mothers Gather to Embrace Synodality and New Evangelization

The Sekondi-Takoradi Diocesan Christian Mothers Association has convened their 8th Biennial Diocesan Conference at Amenfiman Senior High School in Wasa Akropong, setting the stage for a profound exploration of the roles and responsibilities of Christian mothers and fathers in the modern Church.

Under the theme, ‘Building a Synodal Church: The Christian Mother and Christian Father Factor in the Light of the New Evangelization,’ this four-day conference, commencing on Thursday, September 21, 2023, and concluding on Sunday, September 24, 2023, seeks to delve into the challenges and opportunities facing the faithful in today’s world.

In a keynote address, Mother Hannah Essuman, National President of the CMA, drew parallels between the characters in the parable of the Good Samaritan and the diverse roles within the Church. Her words echoed the call of Pope Francis for unity and shared decision-making in pastoral matters.

Mother Essuman stressed the importance of exemplifying true Christianity, as embodied by the Good Samaritan, and emphasized the need to heed the Holy Father’s call. She called for a renewed commitment to evangelization from within and encouraged those who have strayed to return to the fold.

The concept of synodality, focusing on Communion, Participation, and Mission, was a central theme of her address. She emphasized that it is Christ who reconciles believers to the Father and unites them with each other in the Holy Spirit.

Transitioning to the New Evangelization, Mother Essuman questioned why some Catholics seek alternatives in other denominations when “our Church is the authentic one.” She cautioned against engaging in occult practices and fetish consultations, urging vigilance.

Addressing the challenges of the modern world, she highlighted the rise of scams and the need for wisdom. Mother Essuman encouraged the faithful to remain steadfast and grateful for God’s love and grace.

In closing, Mother Essuman expressed gratitude to the Diocese of Sekondi Takoradi for their support and urged unity in the pursuit of the New Evangelization.

Following Mother Essuman’s address, Very Rev. Fr. Michael Asiedu Herzuah, the Dean of Wasa Akropong Deanery, expressed appreciation to the Diocesan Executives for bringing the conference to Wasa Akropong and wished them a successful conference.

Obaahenemaa Nana Abena Takyiwaa called for unity and encouraged past leaders of the association to support the new leadership while challenging the new leaders to work for the greater good of the association and leave a lasting legacy.

Nana Akua Ampomaa (Duwrampong Obaahenemaa) expressed gratitude for the honor of participating in the program and urged all attendees to actively engage for a successful conference.

Charles Damoah, the Chairperson for the opening ceremony and a representative of Amenfiman Rural Bank, thanked the Association for the invitation to be part of the program and stressed the importance of focusing on the Christian upbringing of children.

The opening ceremony was attended by Mother Olivia Ansu Amponsah (National Executive Secretary) and Mother Cecilia Edith Ackarson (Diocesan President), along with priests from the Deanery and Rev. Fr. Isaac Mensah (Diocesan Spiritual Director).

Fraternal messages were received from the Knights and Ladies of Marshall, Susana Wesley Association, and Amenfiman Senior High School.

The last Sekondi-Takoradi Diocesan Christian Mothers Association conference was held in 2017 at Sekondi College.

The Association began in 1943 by Catholic nuns in Axim with the aim of providing vocational skills training to empower women to support their families. Their mission also includes reducing poverty and fostering dynamic Christian values within families.

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